As a technical founding member of several startups, I understand the importance of technical solutions in game
development. I offer technical solutions for games and Unity projects, helping you overcome technical challenges and
deliver exceptional games.
My technical solutions extend across various areas, including game optimization, game engine integration,
multiplayer game development, and more. I use my expertise in Unity3D, C#, Node JS, and other technologies to create
solutions that are tailored to your needs.
I believe in a result-driven approach, where I work tirelessly to deliver solutions that are not just effective but
also scalable. Whether you’re facing technical issues with your existing game or looking to develop a new game from
scratch, I can provide the technical solutions you need.
Let’s work together to create exceptional games. With my technical solutions for games and Unity projects, let’s
overcome technical challenges and deliver gaming experiences that your audience will love.

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Emily Johnson
Palash provided technical solutions for our game that significantly improved its performance and user experience. His expertise in Unity development was instrumental in the success of our project.

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